Monday, January 12, 2009

Flush, Compost, or Toss

- a washable, cotton outer pant and a flushable diaper refill -

I grew up in a home committed to cloth diapers for reasons completely un-environmentally aware. My parents were simply frugal. :) And I applaud them for it.

However, folks like my parents won't see any appeal in these diapers, which aren't as cheap as simple cloth ones. But for those who use cloth diapers in an attempt to lessen their contribution to the landfills, this may be a very welcome product.

Here's a story about gDiapers on

These things are apparently as healthy and natural and breathable as the traditional cloth diapers, but easier to manage. They look to me like a hybrid between a cloth diaper and a disposable. I've never seen them in action, so I can't offer a recommendation. But I thought I'd just spread the word. Especially since the website has lots of pictures of cute babies. :)


A said...

Hey Em!
Gdiapers. WELL...we used these for about a week. We did like the idea of flushing them and they really did seem to absorb all the "mess" she would throw at them. However, the one problem we had with these was...they backed up our toilet. After that, I couldn't convince J to use them. SO, we found an environmentally conscious diaper...Natural Choice, and have been using them since. While they are better than most, they are probably not as beneficial as Gdiapers. I would have loved to have kept using them and added them to a compost pile...but alas, we aren't quite there yet in our "greenie-ness."

Emily said...

Thanks for the feedback!
And just so you know, I don't hold it against you for not composting your baby's poop in the backyard. ;)