Friday, July 31, 2009

Thoughts from Domestic Felicity

I read a blog entry today by Anna, a woman who didn't expect to appreciate natural birth so much as she did. I thought it was insightful how she likened the birth of a child to a wedding. Sure, the wedding day isn't as important as the marriage itself, but you still want to plan for it to be the happiest, best experience it can be. Similarly, a child's birth isn't as important as his life, but it doesn't mean that the family shouldn't plan to make that first experience a good one!

"It was lovely to have the help and encouragement of midwives and a doula, which made me feel more confident, but when it comes to the bottom line, I think I could have made it on my own as well. I didn't need drugs or a team of doctors supervising. There's something very empowering in the thought that God made your body with the ability to bring a baby into this world, from start (conception, which happens on its own) to finish (birth). And it was beautiful."

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