Saturday, September 26, 2009

Doula Discoveries

Part of the doula journey for me has been learning my way around parts of Austin that I never had occasion to visit before. And I've had to find my way to many a hospital during stormy weather and rainstorms, or in the middle of the night, while it's dark and the streets are empty and the traffic lights are flashing. It always feels surreal, a little bit dramatic. Then it's interesting to see those places again in the daylight when they seem much less exciting and much more average. :)

Besides visiting lots of hospitals and clients' homes, I've also been to a lot of coffee shops. It's funny, because none of these moms are drinking coffee, but it seems that coffee shops are still the best place when you're having a casual, yet professional, low-key, get-to-know-you meeting with a stranger. :)

Today I got lost trying to find Cherrywood Cafe on 38 1/2 Street. I drove right past it and ended up having to circle around and come back the way I came. But it was a nice little place, and really conveniently located for the couple I was meeting.

In recent months I've also met clients at: Thunderbird Coffee on Koenig Lane, Flipnotics on Barton Springs Road, and Jo's on 2nd Street. I also have a doula friend who lives in Round Rock and we've met more than once at the Starbucks in La Frontera.

So maybe, in addition to learning about pregnancy and birth, I'm learning about a good cup of coffee, too. If you ever need to know of a good coffee shop with free wi-fi near a hospital or ob/gyn clinic, give me a call!

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