Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guiding Clients Towards Holiday Wellness

These are some good insights from Kristin Schumann of Charis Childbirth. You can read her complete column at this URL:

She says, "With these things in mind, we can ask the right questions to guide our clients toward decisions that will help them truly experience this holiday season as the most wonderful time of the year.

Learn to decline invitations to events you have neither the time nor energy to attend.
Too many things to do means not enough rest and added stress, both of which will lead us further from our wellness goals rather than toward them.

Offer to prepare healthy recipes to take to events so that there is an alternative to the unhealthy holiday treats that are sure to be in abundance at holiday parties. Some simple options would be a fruit platter, a mixture of raw nuts and seeds with dried cranberries, a raw vegetable plate with homemade dip such as hummus, or a beautiful red and green salad. I have found that the healthy food I bring ends up being a big hit with everyone else and I have contributed to their wellness success in addition to my own.

Take advantage of sunny days.
Lower temperatures drive people indoors and away from the sunshine. Make a point to keep your blinds and curtains open so that as much sunshine as possible will enter your home. Go for a brisk walk in the sunshine during the warmest part of the day whenever possible. Sunshine is extremely important for our immune system and our overall outlook on life.

Be reasonable about gift-giving.
Make something special for friends and family. This year, my family collected pretty shells on the beach all year and are making beautiful Christmas ornaments out of our shells. Financial struggles are major stressors during the holidays. It helps to make it a point to live within our means and focus on the heart of love behind the giving rather than the monetary value of the gift. After all, that is what is most important anyway.

~Kristin Schuchmann
Executive Director, Charis Childbirth

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