Saturday, January 23, 2010

Facilitating Adoption for Special Needs Children

Today a friend of mine told me about an organization called CHASK, Christian Homes Adopting Special Kids. This group is doing a beautiful thing and welcoming special needs babies into Christian families, when the birth parents are not interested or capable to parent them. CHASK gives parents a real alternative to choosing abortion for their babies.

From the CHASK website:

"Today, 80% of unborn babies with medical concerns are aborted. We want parents to hear about life choices. CHASK provides family to family support helping families raise their child with special needs. Loving homes are waiting to adopt these special babies if the birth moms and dads are not able to parent. Thousands of Christian families believe that life is precious. They are wanting to put action behind their faith in Jesus Christ by opening their homes and hearts to one of God’s special little ones."

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