Thursday, March 18, 2010

Central Texas Birth Circles

New and expectant parents may find the Birth Circles offered by the Central Texas Birth Network to be a helpful resource. These monthly meetings are free and allow parents to discuss relevant topics and learn more about local resources.

Upcoming Birth Circle topics include: Gestating Parenthood, Choosing Your Ideal Birth Place, First Six Weeks Postpartum, and Connecting as a Couple. Future topics will be posted at
March 23rd - Gestating Parenthood
Pregnancy is not only a gestation period for your baby. It is also a period of growth for you and your partner in becoming parents. This month, we'll talk about common concerns about becoming a parent.
April 27th - Choosing Your Ideal Birth Place
Where is the “safest” place to give birth? Are there studies that address this? Join us as we examine the choices available to birthing women in the Austin area.
May 25th - The First Six Weeks Postpartum
Learn about the unique physical and emotional adjustment that occurs after the birth of your baby. We will also discuss changes in the family dynamic as it adjusts to the new baby.
June 22nd - Connecting as a Couple
Adding a baby to your family often changes the dynamics. We will examine the impact of pregnancy and birth on your relationship, and identifying ways to nurture your important relationship with each other.

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Thanks so much for sharing info about our Birth Circles!