Monday, November 15, 2010

Breastfeeding moms don't get less sleep

This Reuters story summarizes a recent university study that found breastfeeding mothers to be as well rested as formula-feeding mothers. I wasn't aware that it is commonly believed that breastfeeding mothers get less sleep - I tend to believe the opposite! - but I am glad that research is debunking that myth so that mothers will have one less bad reason to consider giving their babies formula instead of milk!

Contradicting the suspicion that breastfeeding moms get less sleep, the results represent "good information to be able to tell women, (that) 'not breastfeeding is not going to help you get better sleep,'" study author Dr. Hawley Montgomery-Downs of West Virginia University told Reuters Health. "And the benefits (of breastfeeding) for both mom and baby are tremendous."

Read the entire story here:
More commentary from TIME magazine:

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AJ said...

I was just listening to a Sermon: Effective Fatherhood 1 by
Albert N. Martin - Paul in Thessalonians compares a father's care for his children to a wet nurse's care and selfless love for another's infant. Giving of one's self is the most important quality a man or woman can have.