Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Defeating the Culture of Death

Vision Forum has posted the topics that will be addressed at its Baby Conference next month. It isn't too late to sign up! The topics look GREAT and include:

A Season of Victory in the Long War Against Babies — Doug Phillips
The Wonders of Embryology — Geoff Botkin
Haiti’s Message to the Families of the World — Doug Phillips
The Glorious Vision of Adoption and Why You Should Consider It
Symposium: Babies, Children And Training
The Glory of the Fruitful Womb
Naming Babies
The First Three Years
Children as Pets
Toys, Tools, and Children
How to Practice Biblical Discipline in the Home
The Indispensable Role of Grandparents in the Life of Children
The Hopeful Theology of Miscarriage
What Every Father Needs to Know About Government Education
Children and the Dominion Mandate
How the Local Church Builds a Thriving Culture of Life
What About Reversal Surgery?
The Myth of Overpopulation
Why I Chose A Midwife Over a Doctor
Suffer the Children: How Families and the Local Church Must Care for the Sick and the Disabled
How Reproductive “Freedom” Destroyed Not Only our Culture, But The Christian Church
Top Seven Legal Issues Facing Christian Parents
The Demographic Bomb
What the Bible Says About Birth Control
The Future of Healthcare in America: How Must the Church and Family Respond to Socialized Medicine
How to End Abortion in America: A Look at the Spiritual, Practical and Constitutional Realities
Symposium on Biblical Bio-Ethics for Birth in the 21st Century: Surrogacy, In Vitro Fertilization, Designer Babies, Cloning, Artificial Wombs, Male Pregnancy, Stem Cells, and More
Symposium on Biblical Bio-Ethics for the Infirm and Aging in the 21st Century: Brain Death, Organ Transplants, Euthanasia, and Care for the Elderly
First We Were Wives, Then We Became Mothers
Women’s Symposium: Managing Logistics for a Large Family
Lessons for the Future of Adoption from the Great 2010 Crisis in Haiti
The Who, What, When, Where and Why of International Adoptions
Top Ten Toughest Adoption Questions

Register for the conference here:
I'll be there. I look forward to seeing any of you who can make it!

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Bets said...

I am very much looking forward to hearing about the conference! Looks like lots of great topics.