Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Speed Dating" Connects Families and Doulas in Toronto

To make it easier for parents to pick the right doula, Amanda Spakowski of The Nesting Place and Dr. Jennifer Wise of Urban Chiropractic have started a service called Doula Speed Dating in Toronto, Ontario.

The idea is to meet several doulas face-to-face and conduct mini-interviews. It allows couples to get to know multiple doulas while cutting down their research and interviewing time. I think it's a good idea because I often conduct extensive email correspondences with potential clients before I meet them. Then so much of our compatibility (or lack thereof) is established when we meet in person. So it seems efficient and effective to meet lots of clients in one place and to skip the time and money spent on organizing lunch dates for those separate initial interviews. Then clients can contact the doulas they best connected with and set up appointments, or hire them immediately, since they already know their options.

Maybe it's time to organize something like this in Austin. What do others think of this concept?

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